Student Life

At IST, student life thrives within a vibrant community that fosters collaboration and personal growth. The campus buzzes with diverse extracurricular activities, providing students ample opportunities to explore and develop their passions beyond academics. The presence of well-designed outdoor spaces adds an element of fun to daily life, offering students a place to unwind and socialize. The atmosphere is enriched by dedicated and caring teachers who contribute to a supportive and nurturing learning environment, ensuring that students not only excel academically but also form lasting connections and fond memories during their time at IST.


At IST, our sports program is an integral part of our educational curriculum. We believe that it is essential to promote Christian principles and values through sports to contribute to the overall development of our students.

IST Sports provides valuable life lessons such as commitment, excellence, self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, winning or losing with honor, and respect for the rules. Our program is designed to help our students develop these values by facing daily challenges in training, victories, defeats, and striving to balance academic responsibilities, sports, and personal commitments.

Our sports program at IST is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn and develop these principles and values through exemplary actions, Christian attitudes, and a high level of individual and collective abilities. We encourage all students to participate in our programs, whether intramural or interscholastic, but we want to highlight that participation in our sports teams is a privilege that comes with high expectations. We expect commitment to the team, proper conduct, academic responsibilities, personal care, and healthy choices from all our student-athletes.

Spiritual Life

Importance of being a Christ-centered school
Being a Christ-centered school means that education is based on the person and work of
Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This implies that God is recognized as the creator and
sustainer of all things and that he is sought to be glorified in all areas of knowledge and
life. The purpose of a Christ-centered school is to form citizens with character, faith, and
life skills who impact the world.
The importance of being a Christ-centered school lies in the fact that it offers a
comprehensive and transformative education, which not only focuses on academic
development, but also on spiritual, moral, social, and emotional development.
Biblical Perspective in Our Taught Subjects
is about integrating the principles and values present in the Bible to enrich the
understanding and analysis of different topics.
In the sciences, for example, the idea that the study and understanding of the universe
reveal the greatness and order created by God can be highlighted. In history, one can
address how people's events and decisions relate to the ethical and moral principles
present in the Bible. In ethics, core values such as love, compassion, and justice found
in scripture can be explored.
Christ-centered teachers.
A Christ-centered teacher seeks to model the life of Jesus in his or her own conduct
and attitudes, fostering an environment of love, understanding, forgiveness, and
service to others. In addition, it integrates the ethical and moral principles taught by
Jesus in the way it presents content, addressing topics such as ethics, justice,
compassion, and respect.
This educational approach extends to all areas of knowledge, showing how Christian
principles can have relevance and applicability in daily life and in understanding the
world at large.
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