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International School provides high-quality, Christ-centered education that prepares students to confidently and determinedly engage in their community and the world. We offer a comprehensive education that shapes our students’ character for everyday life and equips them to tackle future challenges.

At IST, you will find a vibrant academic community dedicated to instilling and nurturing excellence in all aspects of our students’ lives. Our educational spaces have been designed with the well-being of our students in mind, providing them with a comfortable and cutting-edge learning environment to focus on their education.

IST’s Values


Students are punctual, prepared, and on task; they display a positive attitude, strive to reach their full potential, and spend time on assignments to ensure that they are well done. Gal 6:4-5 NIV; Rom 14:10,12 NIV; II Pet 1:10 NIV


Students are honest, just, and trustworthy; they display strong moral principles and do what is right; they are role models for others. Titus 2:7-8 NIV; Cor 4:1-2 NIV Rom 5:1-53 NIV


Students display generosity and compassion, share with others, and respond kindly toward others. I Pet 3:8-11 NIV; I Cor 12:12-27 NIV


Students seek and recognize the opinions and input of others, demonstrate considerate and helpful behavior, and are quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Matt 7:12 NIV; Rom 12:10 NIV; Jam 1:19 NIV


Students initiate curiosity and interest in learning, independently engage in learning activities, persevere and solve problems, demonstrate resourcefulness and seek assistance when necessary. Prov 10:4 NIV; Jam 2:18 NIV; Col 3:17 NIV


Students act as leaders or exemplary team members, provide thoughtful ideas, and value and encourage team members. Ro 14:19 NIV; I Cor 3:7-11 NIV; Phil 2:5-7 NIV; II Cor 4:1, 15-18 NIV


IST provides an academically rigorous educational program with a unique Christian perspective. We believe that each individual possesses unique gifts and is called to love God not only with their minds but also with their hearts. Our aspiration is for students to recognize themselves as integral parts of God’s narrative, tasked with the extraordinary responsibility of worshiping and glorifying Him through their actions and words.



Preschool marks the initial step in a child’s educational journey, playing a pivotal role in establishing the fundamental pillars for a successful school life. 


1st-5th Grade

In the elementary school at IST, our students learn the basics, such as math, penmanship, science, and social studies. They also receive reading and writing instruction in both English and Spanish.

Middle school

6th – 9th grade

At our school, the students make the transition from having a general teacher to subject specific teachers. 

High school

1oth-12th grade

This is a space where 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students have the opportunity to continue their educational journey alongside their classmates and teachers who are well-prepared, caring, and passionate about their subjects.


To be a leading, Christ-centered, international school dedicated to transforming Honduras.


To provide a Christ-centered, bilingual, intercultural, 21st century, American standards-based education in a collaborative, engaging, and differentiated learning environment.


Advancing Potential

Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive and offers various programs such as honors, AP, and other co-curricular activities to help students develop their interests and passions.

Making Connections

We offer opportunities to connect, belong, and be known from PreSchool-12th grade.

Cultivating Curiosity

Fostering curiosity in students, from preschool to high school, is vital. This can be achieved through school trips, cultural exploration, retreats, and bonding activities.

Staying Focused

The learning environment at our school is designed to encourage students to engage with their studies, promote focused learning, and inspire them to excel.

Years of foundation
Acres of Outdoor Spaces
Academic Buildings
Students in Itots through 12th grade
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