1. Can I enroll my student in IST E-Academy if we live outside of Honduras?

• Yes!!! No matter where you live around the world, we are thrilled to have you as a part of E-Academy.

2. Do you accept transcripts from foreign countries?

• Yes, please follow these guidelines:
During the registration process, an agent will contact you for copies of the transcripts so that we can begin providing immediate feedback and correct placement into the best classes and programs to meet your needs.
Original documents/or certified copies can then be forwarded per instructions below.
Mail certified copies of all your documents to convert your transcripts into U.S. educational system credits. The evaluation process will begin when the transcripts and the fee of $150 are received by IST Online. Evaluation of foreign/international transcripts can take up to 15 business days depending on the complexity and research required.

3. What are the admissions requirements to attend IST E-Academy?

• Regardless of grade level, students must have a working knowledge of the English language. If available, please provide IELTS or TOEFL scores. If the student is unsure of their English capabilities or has not previously taken an English language Placement Test, we offer an English Language Placement exam as a part of our program.
• Students who want to study US High School Diploma courses must have completed the equivalent of the US eighth grade as evidenced by a school transcript, a homeschooling portfolio, or standardized test scores indicating at or above eighth-grade level performance in all subject areas.

4. Does IST E-Academy have an age limit?

• The IST E-Academy Dual Diploma Program is open students of all ages. Students of different age groups can study corresponding levels of courses in line with their capability. The grades range from Kindergarten to Senior Level AP courses.

5. Will previously earned credits transfer in the Dual Diploma Program?

• Yes, however, credits earned from another school or organization must go through IST E-Academy transcript authentication process. In order for students to receive the Accredited High School Diploma from IST, they must complete a minimum of 25% of their coursework through our program.

6. What is your deadline for enrollment?

• E-Academy has “rolling enrollment” meaning that as a student you may enroll whenever you like by phone, or on the web at REGISTER NOW!
• Students should complete their coursework and follow the pacing guide in each course so that they complete in a timely manner. Each student has a maximum of one year from the day they enroll and begin a class to complete their work. If they do not complete the work during this time period, they will receive a grade of I (Incomplete) or W (Withdrawn). For a period of 30 days, students will have the option to reopen the class, after which period, the course will close and the student grade will be calculated based on work done at that time.

7. When will I be able to start if I enroll today?

• You can begin your online orientation as soon as you receive access to our system. However, our counselors and Student Success Specialists may need to reach out to you to make adjustments to your course requests based upon results of Language Placement Testing, etc. Our goal is to ensure your success in our programs as you prepare for Higher Education programs and careers.

8. How do I choose a pathway?

• Upon registration into the program, please notify IST academic advisor of the specific pathway in which you would like to be placed. Our advice is to choose an elective course that you think relates directly to the program of study or career you would like to prepare for in college. You may be interested in a wide variety of courses, so choose an elective that you would enjoy!

9. What courses does IST E-Academy US Dual Diploma Pathways Program offer?

• As part of your IST E-Academy, US Diploma Pathways Program you are able to access a wide variety of elective and career preparatory courses in addition to the core English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies that are listed in your plan of study.

10. How long does the program take?​​

• Depending on the grade level of the student, each 6 credit year-long program usually takes a full academic year to complete, however, some students accelerate, while others who are working on a dual diploma program may extend the length of the program.

11. Will the SAT still be needed to get into an American University?

• American universities function completely on their own, and all schools have their own setup standards, competencies, and requirements.

IST E-Academy US Diploma Pathways Program will work with you to navigate the admissions process for the colleges and universities of your choice. We want all our students to maximize their capabilities and achieve their goals, and this includes helping students get into the university of their choice.

12. Will International Students still be required to have a TOEFL or English Language Certification?

• Completion of our Diploma Program and meeting other criteria set by the college, can lead to direct placement in the college as a freshman student. In some of these cases, a TOEFL score may not be needed, or a TOEFL equivalency score from the WIDA/CEFR testing certification provided by E-Academy US Diploma Pathways Program will replace the need for a TOEFL score. Each case will be reviewed individually.

13. How many hours are required for each course?

• ​No course is the same however, we recommend spending at least an hour a day per week to keep yourself on pace to complete the course, during the semester. For example, if you are studying 6 courses at the same time, you need to spend 6 hours a day to keep yourself on pace to complete the 6 courses. The minimum required time spent in any semester course is 45 hours or 15 days, although the majority of students could be able to complete a single semester course within 8-12 weeks, or three months. All courses allow students to work at their own pace, to read ahead and to complete assignments while engaging with the teacher and other students in live online class meetings.

14. Will international students have to come to Honduras?

• No, international students are not required to come to Honduras at any point in time. However, we do host a complete graduation ceremony and we will invite all graduates to come and attend. It is the graduates’ own choices whether or not to attend the ceremony. For graduates who are not able to attend in person, we will mail the cap, gown, diploma, and where applicable, the honor cords, to your local education agent to host an in-country ceremony and photo opportunity for the families.

15. Can students enroll in US Dual Diploma Pathways Program while they are currently enrolled in another school?

• Yes, many students will be full-time students in their own country while completing the courses to obtain their American High School Diploma.

16. Will I receive a unique identifier as part of this program?

• Yes, all students are assigned a student identification number by the student information system. All parents, facilitators, or other adults who are associated with the student will also receive a unique login to access their student’s information as needed. All data is securely stored, and records are only provided through secure access.

Program Overview

1. Is IST E-Academy US Diploma Pathways Program Accredited?

• Yes. It is accredited through, the AdvanceED global network (Cognia).

2. Is IST E-Academy Program Approved by the NCAA?

• IST E-Academy has a NCAA Approved Curriculum.

3. If I choose IST E-Academy Program will students be able to maintain social contact?

• IST E-Academy is a fully functional online community of teachers, administrators, and students. This community not only makes this communication possible, but encourages it through live classroom meetings, emails, discussion boards, and chats.

4. How does IST E-Academy US Pathways Program work with students who have special needs?

• Courses through IST E-Academy are not timed and do not require specific times to login. Assessments do not require them to be done during specific hours. These pacing options allow students with special accommodations to participate in a low-stress environment. Of course, you should always inform your Student Support Specialist of any special needs so that we can work with your academic team to ensure your success in your program


1. How active should a parent expect to be?

• All students are different, and there is a learning curve with all new things, so each parent will determine how much support they need to provide their student. Every parent or guardian has a personal parent login to the parent portal you can follow their student’s progress, communicate with our teachers, and receive direct support. Instructors and training’s attempt to make transitions as easy as possible for both parent and students and do there very best to help families maximize the potential of students.

2. Does IST E-Academy offer support to families?

• Yes. All students receive a plan of study upon entrance into IST E-Academy. This plan of study is a pathway towards completion of your diploma. It guides students on what courses are necessary to complete the year successfully.

Parents have access to the Student Information System at all times. They are able to see progress on everything the student has completed up until that point.

3. What is a Student Information System?

• A Student Information System can best be described as the “main school office on the computer” or the place you go to for all the information you need about your child’s progress, to schedule meetings with the staff, and to get transcripts, etc. Students start in the Student Information System by creating an application. They are then accepted and placed into courses. In Student Information System students and guardians can access all student records, grades, information, email instructors, request transcripts, request new courses, submit a support ticket, and many other things.

4. How do I find my student’s grades?

• Once you log in to our system as a parent and click on your “guardian account” you can view grades by clicking on the “grades” tab inside the Student Information System.

5. How much time should my student spend on the course?

• Courses are designed to last between 45-90 hours. This roughly works out to an hour a day or 5 hours a week for 16 weeks. All classes are different and may require more or less time depending on individual student capabilities.

Each course needs a student study for an hour a day. Normally a full-time student takes 4 courses in the same period. So usually a full-time student needs to spend 4 hours a day to study those 4 courses.


1. Are teachers certified?

• Courses are designed to last between 45-90 hours. This roughly works out to an hour a day or 5 hours a week for 16 weeks. All classes are different and may require more or less time depending on individual student capabilities.

Each course needs a student study for an hour a day. Normally a full-time student takes 4 courses in the same period. So usually a full-time student needs to spend 4 hours a day to study those 4 courses.

2. Where can I learn more about the courses?

• We are always happy to talk to you about our classes.

3. How are courses taught?

• Courses are taught in a variety of different methods. Courses can be taught live, at your own pace, blended, in a hybrid model and students have the option and ability to customize their learning. Each course includes access to live teachers, tutors, and teacher online office hours.

4. How are students assessed in their courses?

• Students receive a variety of assessments throughout their courses. Courses contain summative and formative assessments, as well as project-based learning. Standard assessments include essays, projects; fill in the blank, multiple-choice, and true-false type questions.

5. Can students retake tests in case of failure?

• Students do have the ability to retake assessments in content after a relearning or re-teaching exercise with instructors.

6. How many credits is a class worth?students retake tests in case of failure?

• Depends on the class and graduation requirements. Core subjects like Algebra 1, ELA, etc are all 1 credit broken down in two semesters.

7. Do you offer Credit Recovery, Honors Courses, AP Courses, Adult Education, or ESL courses?

Yes, we do.