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Learn a Second Language!

  • International Language Center is an institution dedicated to the bilingual education in Honduras for over 19 years.  Our buildings are modern and equipped with the latest technology.

    The EFL program offers an opportunity to learn English from highly qualified English teachers in a fun and secure environment.  We have a select and experienced group of Honduran and North-American teachers. 

    The learning materials and resources are of the highest quality and are the ones that are most commonly used in the teaching of English as a second language by different educational institutions.  

    We invite you to form a part of this education experience, which will surely change your life and create opportunities for you.

  • This program prepares students to understand written and spoken English and helps students to be able to express themselves with confidence, precision and fluency in English.

    Every level is geared to develop within the student the linguistic abilities (speak, read, listen and write).

    The methodology used, allows for the interaction and the cooperative learning inside and outside of the classroom.

    The courses last approximately three months and use a text known as “Top Notch” from Pearson for levels 1-4 and for the advanced levels, we use books from “Summit” also from Pearson.

    At the beginning of each period, each student will receive a syllabus that includes the important dates for the course.  You will also receive access to the interactive platform that is used by the school. Here the teachers will upload different assignments and the student will be able to visualize their academic progress.

  • International Language Center provides a free leveling exam to all the people who have taken English classes before.  This evaluation allows us to find out the English level that each person possesses.

  • Weekly courses- are taught from Monday to Thursday from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

    Saturday courses- 8:00am-12 noon.

    The approximate duration of each module is two and half months.  You need to complete two modules in order to complete each level or course.

  • Every classroom is equipped with Interactive boards (Promethean) that are a powerful tool for teaching and learning English for both teachers and adults.

    ILC also has a computer lab, equipped with new computers and a campus fully equipped with Wireless internet (WIFI).

  • The program consists of six levels during the weekdays and twelve modules on Saturdays.  They are distributed in the following manner. 

    • Nivel 1 – Basic
    • Nivel 2 – High Basic
    • Nivel 3 – Pre-Intermediate
    • Nivel 4 – Intermediate
    • Nivel 5 – High Intermediate
    • Nivel 6 – Advanced

    Each one of the levels guarantees learning English through a methodology that is communicative and interactive at the same time.