Dear Parents,

Welcome back from a great summer! We are looking forward to this school year and a productive partnership that will help your child reach his/her full potential! The familiar ¨three-legged stool¨ model illustrates the need for such a partnership. Just as all three legs in the stool must be the same length in order to function properly, parents (the home), school, and the church must work together to provide a Christian education for a child. We are privileged to partner with you in that monumental task.

We ask you to support your child´s learning by making sure that your child:

  • Attends school daily and arrives on time, ready to learn. Any student arriving after 7:30am is considered tardy and will need to get a pass from the Principal´s Office in order to enter the classroom.
  • Wears the correct uniform. Students who do not wear the correct uniform will not be allowed to enter class. Students have until Sep. 17 to obtain the correct uniform.
  • Completes all homework. Please check your child´s agenda daily for homework and teacher notes. Weekly topics of study, upcoming evaluations, and grades can all be accessed on our Learning Management System.
  • Shares with you about what he/she is learning at school so that you can share in the learning process with your child.
  • Reads daily in order to develop language skills as well as a love for reading.

Download the IST Preschool Family Handbook

As parents, we also ask that you

  • Follow the school´s policies regarding pick up and drop off. Remember that school will not release a child without proper authorization. Anyone coming to pick up a student early must go to the Principal´s office, present the proper ID, and get a pass for that student.
  • Maintain open communication with your child´s teacher. To schedule an appointment please contact the Principal´s Assistant, Elia Campos, at or call 2269-0090.
  • Carefully read the Elementary Family Handbook. This handbook is a guide to the way we operate as a school and includes information regarding academics, behavioral expectations, and attendance. There have been some changes made since last year, so please read this manual carefully. If you have any questions regarding policies and expectations, please feel free to contact us or your child´s teacher. You can find the Family Handbook in our Learning Management System on the Elementary Student/Parent Page.

On behalf of the staff of International School, we thank you in advance for your support and look forward to a successful school year.