Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Consumer Mathematics
Financial Mathematics A/B
Geometry A/B
Integrated Math 1 A/B
Integrated Math 2 A/B
Integrated Math 3 A/B
Math 6 A/B
Math 7 A/B
Math 8 A/B
Precalculus A/B
Probability & Statistics

English Language Arts

Business English A/B
English 06
English 07
English 08
English 09 with Augmented Reality
English 10
English 11
English 12

Social Studies

Civics A/B
Contemporary World A/B
Middle School U.S. History A/B
Middle School World History A/B
U.S. Government
U.S. History A/B
World Geography A/B
World History A/B
World History Survey A/B



Biology A/B
Biology with Virtual Labs A/B
Chemistry A/B
Earth and Space Science A/B
High School Earth and Space Science A/B


Integrated Physics & Chemistry A/B
Life Science A/B
Physical Science A/B
Physics A/B
Science 6 A/B
Science 7 A/B
Science 8 A/B

Career & Technical Education

Accounting A/B
Applied Medical Terminology A/B
Audio Video Production 1 A/B
Audio Video Production 2 A/B
Audio Video Production 3 A/B
Business Information Management A/B
Career Explorations
Certified Nurse Aide A/B
Child Development & Parenting A/B
CompTIA A+ 220-1001
CompTIA A+ 220-1002
CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-007)
Computer Programming 1 A/B
Computing for College & Careers A/B
Culinary Arts A/B
Digital & Interactive Media A/B
Drafting & Design A/B
Electronic Communication Skills
Entrepreneurship A/B
Essential Career Skills
Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications
Foundations of Green Energy
Game Development
Graphic Design & Illustration A/B
Health Science 1 A/B
Health Science 2 A/B
International Business
Introduction to Android Mobile App Development
Introduction to Criminology
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Introduction to Finance
Introduction to iOS Mobile App Development
Marketing, Advertising, & Sales
Networking Fundamentals


Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources A/B
Principles of Architecture and Construction
Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communications A/B
Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance A/B
Principles of Education & Training A/B
Principles of Engineering & Technology A/B
Principles of Government & Public Administration A/B
Principles of Health Science A/B
Principles of Hospitality & Tourism A/B
Principles of Human Services A/B
Principles of Information Technology A/B
Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security A/B
Principles of Manufacturing A/B
Principles of Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics A/B
Professional Communications
Professional Photography A/B
Robotics I A/B
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Web Technologies A/B


Academic Success
African American Studies
Art History & Appreciation
Artificial Intelligence
Creative Writing
Environmental Science A/B
Gothic Literature
Holocaust Studies
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Fashion Design
Introduction to Forensic Science
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Military Careers
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Social Media
Introduction to Veterinary Science
Introduction to Visual Arts
Introduction to World Religions
Music Appreciation

Mythology & Folklore
Native American Studies: Contemporary Perspectives
Native American Studies: Historical Perspectives
Nutrition & Wellness
Personal Finance
Psychology A/B
Revolutionary Ideas in Science
Social Issues
Structure of Writing
Theater, Cinema & Film Production
Women’s Studies

World Languages

Advanced French A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Advanced Spanish A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
American Sign Language (ASL) 1 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Chinese 1 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Chinese 2 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
French 1 A/B
French 2 A/B
French 3 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
German 1 A/B
German 2 A/B
Latin 1 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Latin 2 A/B (EdOptions Academy Only)
Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B
Spanish 3 A/B

Health & Fitness

Adaptive Physical Education
Advanced Physical Education 1
Advanced Physical Education 2
Comprehensive Physical Education
Credit Recovery Health
Credit Recovery Physical Education 1
Credit Recovery Physical Education 2
Drugs & Alcohol
Elementary Health 1 A/B
Elementary Health 2 A/B
Elementary Health 3 A/B
Elementary Health 4 A/B

Elementary Health 5 A/B
Elementary Health Kindergarten A/B
Elementary Physical Education 1 A/B
Elementary Physical Education 2 A/B
Elementary Physical Education 3 A/B
Elementary Physical Education 4 A/B
Elementary Physical Education 5 A/B
Elementary Physical Education Kindergarten A/B
Exercise Science
Family & Consumer Science
Family Living & Healthy Relationships
First Aid & Safety
Fitness Basics 1
Fitness Basics 2
Fitness Fundamentals 1
Fitness Fundamentals 2
Flexibility Training
Group Sports
Health & Personal Wellness
Health Careers
Individual Sports
Intro to Coaching
Intro to Group Sports 1
Intro to Group Sports 2
Intro to Individual Sports 1
Intro to Individual Sports 2
Intro to Nursing 1
Intro to Nursing 2
Life Skills
Lifetime & Leisure Sports
Medical Terminology
Middle School Health
Outdoor Sports
Personal Health & Fitness
Personal Training Career Prep
Personal Training Concepts

Sports Officiating
Strength Training
Walking Fitness

Health & PE

Physical Education

College & Career Readiness

Accuplacer® Math
Accuplacer® Reading
Accuplacer® Sentence Skills
ACT® English
ACT® Mathematics
ACT® Reading
ACT® Science Reasoning
Advanced Biology A/B 
Advanced Calculus A/B
Advanced Chemistry A/B 
Advanced Computer Science A
Advanced English Lit & Comp A/B
Advanced U.S. History A/B
ASVAB Mathematics
ASVAB Technology & General Science, Part 1
ASVAB Technology & General Science, Part 2
ASVAB Word Knowledge & Paragraph Comprehension
HiSET® Preparation – Language Arts – Reading Part 1
HiSET® Preparation – Language Arts – Writing Part 1
HiSET® Preparation – Language Arts – Writing Part 2
HiSET® Preparation – Mathematics Part 1
HiSET® Preparation – Mathematics Part 2
HiSET® Preparation – Science Part 1
HiSET® Preparation – Science Part 2
HiSET® Preparation – Social Studies Part 1
HiSET® Preparation – Social Studies Part 2
HiSET® Preparation – Language Arts – Reading Part 2
National Career Readiness Certificate – Bronze Level
National Career Readiness Certificate – Gold Level
National Career Readiness Certificate – Silver Level
Preparation for the GED® Reading Language Arts (2014)
Preparation for the GED® Mathematics (2014)
Preparation for the GED® Science (2014)
Preparation for the GED® Social Studies (2014)

SAT Reading
SAT® I Language Arts
SAT® I Mathematics
TASC Preparation – Language-Arts Reading Part 1
TASC Preparation – Language-Arts Reading Part 2
TASC Preparation – Language-Arts Writing Part 1
TASC Preparation – Language-Arts Writing Part 2
TASC Preparation – Mathematics Part 1
TASC Preparation – Mathematics Part 2
TASC Preparation – Science Part 1
TASC Preparation – Science Part 2
TASC Preparation – Social Studies Part 1
TASC Preparation – Social Studies Part 2

Secondary Electives

Anthropology 1: Uncovering Human Mysteries
Anthropology 2: More Human Mysteries Uncovered
Archaeology: Detectives of the Past
Art in World Cultures
Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets
Careers in Criminal Justice
Cosmetology: Cutting Edge Styles
Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
Digital Photography 1: Creating Images with Impact
Digital Photography 2: Discovering Your Creative Potential
Early Childhood Education
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business
Fashion & Interior Design
Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead
Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead
Gothic Literature: Monster Stories
Great Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation
History of the Holocaust
Hospitality & Tourism: Traveling the Globe
Human Geography: Our Global Identity
International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century
Introduction to Agriscience
Introduction to Culinary Arts
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Manufacturing: Product Design & Innovation
Introduction to Social Media: Our Connected World

Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
Middle School Career Explorations
Middle School Journalism
Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light
Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
Peer Counseling
Personal & Family Finance
Personal Psychology 1: The Road to Self-Discovery
Personal Psychology 2: Living in a Complex World
Philosophy: The Big Picture
Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect
Public Speaking
Real World Parenting
Social Problems 1: A World in Crisis
Social Problems 2: Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges
Sociology 1: The Study of Human Relationships
Sociology 2: Your Social Life
Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals
World Religions: Exploring Diversity

Higher Ed & Career Readiness

CASAS Competencies 0-4
CASAS Competencies 5
CASAS Competencies 6
CASAS Competencies 7
CASAS Competencies Adult Secondary Reading Skills
CASAS Competencies Adult Secondary Writing Skills
CASAS Competencies Basic Reading Skills
CASAS Competencies Basic Writing Skills
Developmental Math 1 – Pre-Algebra
Developmental Math 2 – Beginning Algebra
Developmental Math 3 – Intermediate Algebra
Developmental Math 4 – Advanced Algebra
NRS Language L2
NRS Language L3
NRS Language L4
NRS Language L5
NRS Language L6
NRS Mathematics L1
NRS Mathematics L2
NRS Mathematics L3
NRS Mathematics L4

NRS Mathematics L5
NRS Mathematics L6
NRS Reading L2
NRS Reading L3
NRS Reading L4
NRS Reading L5
NRS Reading L6
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics Part 1
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics Part 2
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading Part 1
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading Part 2
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing Part 1
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing Part 2
Praxis II: Biology: Content Knowledge
Praxis II: Chemistry: Content Knowledge
Praxis II: Citizenship & Social Science, Part 1
Praxis II: Citizenship & Social Science, Part 2
Praxis II: Elementary Education – Mathematics
Praxis II: Elementary Education – Reading
Praxis II: Elementary Education – Science
Praxis II: Elementary Education – U.S. History
Praxis II: Elementary Education – World History
Praxis II: English Language Arts
Praxis II: English Language, Literature & Composition
Praxis II: General Science, Part 1
Praxis II: General Science, Part 2
Praxis II: Mathematics
Praxis II: Mathematics Content Knowledge
Praxis II: Science, Part 1
Praxis II: Science, Part 2
Praxis II: Social Studies Content Knowledge, Part 1
Praxis II: Social Studies Content Knowledge, Part 2
Praxis II: Social Studies Content Knowledge, Part 3
Praxis II: World & U.S. History
TABE® Language Level A
TABE® Language Level D
TABE® Language Level E
TABE® Language Level L
TABE® Language Level M
TABE® Mathematics Level A, Part 1
TABE® Mathematics Level A, Part 2

TABE® Mathematics Level D
TABE® Mathematics Level E
TABE® Mathematics Level L
TABE® Mathematics Level M
TABE® Reading Level A
TABE® Reading Level D
TABE® Reading Level E
TABE® Reading Level L
TABE® Reading Level M
TEAS English
TEAS Reading
TEAS Science