Welcome to a new school year!

All beginnings bring about excitement, expectations, and enthusiasm for what is to come.  It is a very human thing to identify with new beginnings: the New Year, a birthday, the premiere of a movie, a new car, new clothes, the start of a new job, getting married, and so on.

At the beginning of the school year, students experience similar emotions. There’s anticipation and anxiety, eagerness and nervousness, hope and worry.  Every time we start something new, it is an exciting time and one that should be met with positive expectancy. 

In this postmodern world, with changing trends, we must be prepared and alert so that changes do not affect what must remain immovable.  The computer that came out last month, today can be considered obsolete, as there is already an updated version, but the values and principles for how to use the computer should be unaffected.

At IST we are prepared for the changes in technology, curricular needs, and teaching strategies and techniques.  We are prepared so that our foundations and values do not change due to these trends, but rather are strengthened in the minds and hearts of our students.  We are committed to excellence in all that we do.  Because our teachers share a Christian worldview, God’s power, hope, and excellence is integrated in our classrooms.

Teachers and administrators begin the school year with the same enthusiasm and excitement that you have. Our purpose is great: to transform Honduras, and in this task, we are united.  We are part of a community committed to a national plan: the common good that benefits the country.  It is our belief that education transforms lives, which in turn transforms communities and nations. 

Welcome to International School!

Kjell Fenn